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Elena Enrico


by Marco Messina – Esa Country Director for Italy, member of Suzuki Accordion Project Committee


About ESA Board Meeting 2012

The ISTITUTO SUZUKI ITALIANO is granted permission to use the Suzuki name in conjunction with the experimentation on the Suzuki Accordion Project (SAP).

Update 2013/2014

Teachers and musicians, future members of the SAP Committee, expressing their views on SAP, through Presentation Letters sent to ESA and ISA.

About ESA Board Meeting 2014

The first draft of Book 1 for Accordion according to the Suzuki Method and a video of some

performances of the Accordion students was made.

This material was presented to the ISA Board Meeting in October 2013.

The following teachers have expressed interest and confirmed their willingness to form the

Committee that will assist the “Suzuki Accordion Project”

Elena Enrico, Pianist and Accordionist, founding member of Italian Suzuki Institute, founder and director of Suzuki School of Asti.

Marco Messina, Suzuki Flute Teacher, founder and director of Suzuki Center in Caserta,

deputy of Italian Suzuki Institute and ESA Country Director for Italy.

Walter Porro, Jazz Accordionist, concerts player.

Silvia Faregna, Suzuki Piano Teacher Trainer, founder and director of the Suzuki

School in Milan.

Cesare Chiacchiaretta, famous performer and Accordion teacher at the Music Conservatory "A. Boito "in Parma.

Rasmus Schjaerff Kjoller, teaching pedagogic Accordion at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

ISA would like to see another video presentation demonstrating an improvement in the quality of sound before giving approval for the next steps in the development of the Accordion.

This report and video presentation to be submitted to the ISA Meeting in October 2014.

About “Submit Report and NEW Video presentation on Accordion to ISA Meeting October 2014”

Update Report and documents about SAP for ISA Meeting October 2014
.Suzuki Accordion Project - Committee
.Presentation Letters on SAP by members of Committee
.A draft of the first book of Suzuki Accordion
.Lyrics relating to the songs of first Suzuki Accordion book
.Video lessons with small students
ISA Board did view the accordion project, and asked that an international study committee be formed.  Martin Ruttimann is the liaison for this committee.


About ESA Board Meeting 2015

ESA has received the same documents submitted to ISA.

Representatives of the Suzuki Accordion Project are waiting to proceed with the necessary acts and await instructions from ESA and from Martin Ruttimann, the liaison for international study committee.

About ESA Board Meeting 2016 – UPDATE 2015/2016

In this last years the efforts have been directed to the development of the didactic program for the accordion and, at the same time, to the experience with children, parents and the involvement of new teachers, not only Italian, interested in the method.

The Book 1 for Accordion, according to the Suzuki Method, has been tested and is regularly tested with some students.

The Book 2 is ready and some students are already studying the first songs.

Many reports and articles, published in important specific journals, witness the results of this work.

About ESA Board Meeting 2017 – UPDATE 2016/2017

A new video and a report on the development of the SAP was presented at the ESA Conference in Gdansk April 16, 2016.

Welcome to Accordion Town

                                                                               from ESA Board 2016

a. New Projects

Suzuki Accordion Project PAPERS 28a & 28b

As per the ISA Policy for New Instruments, the ISA and other regional associations were informed about the Suzuki Accordion Project at the last ISA Board Meeting.  Approval to proceed to the next steps has been given and the ESA will undertake the responsibility to mentor Marco Messina as Project Manager.  The next step is to form a committee within the region to assist with the project.

Wim Meuris and Michal Gawronski volunteered to be members of the ESA Suzuki Accordion Project Committee


Thanks to Wim and Michal contribution, some contacts were established with Jef De Haes - Accordionist – (Belgium).

Jef De Haes visited Elena Enrico in Italy several times and observed and testing method. Jef is playing a collaborative work with SAP.

Miguel Santos (Brazil) is in contact now with Elena. He is an experienced teacher and very close to the Suzuki world (wife and children).

At the moment he is observing the material produced by Elena and practicing with his younger pupils.

Who have collaborated and is collaborating in the Suzuki Accordion Project?

Elena Enrico - pianist and accordionist, founding member of Italian Suzuki Institute, founder and director of Suzuki School of Asti - (Italy)

Marco Messina - Suzuki flute teacher - (Italy)

Walter Porro - jazz accordionist, concerts player - (Italy)

Silvia Faregna - Suzuki piano Teacher Trainer – (Italy)

Cesare Chiacchiaretta - famous performer in the world with accordion and bandoneon, accordion teacher at the Music Conservatory “Umberto Giordano” Foggia - (Italy)

Rasmus Schjaerff Kjoller - teaching pedagogic accordion at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen - (Denmark)

Giorgio Dellarole - Accordion Teacher - Conservatorio “A. Boito” - Parma – (Italy)

Ladislav Horak - Accordion Teacher - Deputy director of Conservatory in Prague (Czech Republic)

Hans Maier - Accordion Teacher - Hochschule of Trossingen (Germany)

Andrea Costamagna - Accordion Teacher – SAP - Aosta (Italy)

Bruna Patera - Accordion Teacher – SAP – Vicenza (Italy)

Federico Gili – Accordionist, concerts player - (Italy)

Wim Meuris – ESA Suzuki Teacher

Michal Gawronski – ESA Suzuki Teacher

Jef De Haes – Accordion teacher, concerts player – (Belgium)

Miguel Santos Accordion teacher – (Brazil)


video SAP lessons 2014

video Teatro Alfieri 2015 (Asti)

video Fisaday 2015 (Asti)

Graduation Book 1, Matteo Cavagnero, age 7 years:

video Fisaday 2016 (Asti)


Second FisaDay June 2016

National Suzuki Workshop and Conferenze in Italy October 2016

ASÈ (Accordion Suzuki Ensemble for SAP. Currently, 15 young accordionists)

Festival della fisarmonica 2016 di Quiliano Valeggia (28 Agosto) 

Ospiti alla "nota d'oro" di San Damiano d'Asti 2016 (20 maggio) 

Ospedale dei bambini Cavedio di Parma "Donatori di musica" 9 maggio 2016

"Alba Music festival" 2016

Festa della musica di Asti 20 giugno 2016 Teatro Alfieri. 

Concerto di Natale al Civico Istituto Rocca di Alba

Concerto di Carnevale 2016 Civico Istituto Rocca di Alba 

Realizzazione film per la presentazione del  Suzuki Accordion Project a Danzica 15/16/17 aprile 2016