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Children’s Music Laboratory Teacher Training 2023/2024 – NETHERLAND and BELGIUM

The course consists of two levels. Each level includes a total of seven stages plus an exam.

The seven stages will be carried out over a year or a year and a half.

Four of these stages, will be scheduled “live” over four weekends and will take place from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The other stages will be scheduled in "online" sessions of approximately 4 hours in agreement with the trainee teachers.

The “live” stages will take place in The Hague, and starts in the weekend Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th of Dicember, 2023.

Remaining “live” training weekends will be proposed for March 2/3, June 15/16, last “live” weekend to plan and confirm. The "online" sessions will be agreed with the trainee teachers.

First Meeting, Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th of Dicember, 2023 is also an Introductory Course for those who are interested in knowing the CML and the Musical Garden activities before deciding.

Deadline for registrations: November 30th 2023

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Children’s Music Laboratory Teacher Training 2024/2025 - GERMANY

We are also activating a new course in Germany.

If you are interested please contact:



Program for the international acknowledgement of Musical Garden–Children’s Music Laboratory

CML around the world

2013 Poland (Teacher Training Course)

1995 Suzuki Convention in Dublin (Ireland)

1999 Suzuki Convention in Matsumoto (Japan)

2006 Stockholm (Sweden) “Leonardo” Project “European Community”

2006 Helsinki (Finland) “Leonardo” Project “European Community”

2006 14th Suzuki Method World Convention in Turin

2007 Suzuki Netherland (Teacher Training Course)

2008 Riga (Latvia) “Leonardo” Project “European Community”

2008 Berlin (Germany) “Leonardo” Project “European Community”

2016 1° International CML Workshop - Germany

2010 Suzuki France (Teacher Training Course)

2010 European Suzuki Association Leadership Conference (Cambridge)

2010 Balchik (Bulgaria) “Leonardo” Project “European Community”

2011 Suzuki Estonia “Leonardo” Project “European Community”

2012 Bryanston “London Suzuki Group International Summer School”

2013 Suzuki Poland (Teacher Training Course)

2013 Suzuki Germany (Teacher Training Course)

2014 European Suzuki Association Teachers Convention, Bruxelles

2018 - The Hague - First level CML

2014 Bryanston “London Suzuki Group International Summer School”

2014 Suzuki Teachers' Xchange Weekend in Germany, Remscheid.

2015 Suzuki Curso National, Mollina, Espana

2016 First International CML Workshop in Germany

2016 European Suzuki Association Teachers Convention, Gdansk (Poland)

2018  Teacher Trainer Course in The Nederland

2019  Teacher Trainer Course in The Nederland, Belgium and Germany

2020  Teacher Trainer Course in The Nederland, Belgium and Germany

2021  Teacher Trainer Course in The Nederland, Belgium and Germany

About Children’s Music Laboratory

Children’s Music Lab program (CML) is designed as pre instrument introduction.
Children’s Music Lab anticipates and helps to develop of some necessary skills.
It is born through the observation of the children in their approach to the music and to the instrument in Suzuki Method, in the light of scientific studies, in italy, 30 years ago
The first year is a year of specific instrumental preparation that includes fine motoric skills, coordination, discipline, learning attitude, development of the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic ear, of vocal expression, memorisation and orientation.

The course is meant for pupils aged 3-6. In Italy we have 6 levels of CML education.
By means of a weekly group lesson, for pupils and parents ,the course represents an opportunity for growth through music and offers motoric and perceptive skills necessary for instrumental studies, in a playful way.
Evenly, teachers can use part of their instrument lesson, or group lesson, to develop the elements and activities of the CML program.

After the first level the course continues parallel to the instrumental education.
After the first year or after few months, if the teacher considers it possible, the pupil can starts to play an instrument, then he already knows the repertoire as he has sang and danced it.
The pupil feels comfortable moving to music because he has performed many games and exercises.
He is conscious of the movement required for the instrumental technique, has tested the rhythms, has strengthened the fingers, worked on balance and has found ways to organize his own work at home with mum or dad.

The CML has always been a fundamental and important help in developing the musical growth of pupils and families.
The course offers parents ideas for practicing in order to help the child to improve its skills.
In repeating the exercises at home, the parent will need to find a necessary balance, in the length of the child’s attention span and in stimulating the child with new challenges.

In Italy, the CML has spread widely. Since 1985 Musical Garden – CML, many schools (Suzuki school, public schools, nurseries, primary schools, after school centres, families, traditional music schools and even Music Conservatories) have adopted the CML.

In recent years at the teacher training courses CML in Italy, and also in Netherland, Germany, France, Poland, we have many enthusiastic new trainees, Suzuki Teachers and “No Suzuki” Music Teachers, who pursue their work with great commitment. 
CML program enriches their work and adds security and trust in their relations with pupils and families.
The training courses held in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Poland and the lectures held in several countries have produced a beautiful result. Currently we can have a repertoire translated into 4 different languages ​​in addition to English and of course the Italian.

RETURNING FROM THE HAGUE - Children's Music Laboratory (CML) in The Netherlands

(by Marco Messina)

final toast 8 july 2018

I'm waiting for my flight from Schiphol back home to Napels and think about the weekend we spent in The Hague. We have done the first Children's Music Laboratory Workshop in the Netherlands and today we can count 8 new CML-teachers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The first part of CML training course ended this way, with this workshop, called Play’n’Play.

Elena Enrico, the founder of Children’s Music Laboratory has been with us and I can not forget the shining of her eyes when she listened to her songs translated into Dutch and when she realized that other new teachers are ready to spread her program outside Italy. I am proud of this and I am happy that children and families can share the experience of growing up with music.

I am proud of the teachers who attended the course of this year: Martine Littel, Ans van Valkenburg, Femke Vermaas, Ellis Oud, Gerda Thorn from the Netherlands and Lieve van der Plaetsen, Charlotte Maes and Catharina Colpaert from Belgium. They never lost their enthusiasm, they never hesitated to share and collaborate, they immediately started to experiment the activities, they kept a courageous energy up to the final effort of the Workshop, which took place at the very end of the school year. I know that many of them have already involved new teachers, who will participate in the new training course next year, while they will continue with the second (and last) level of the CML course.

To Liesbeth Bloemsaat and her husband Edwin Bloemsaat, I am grateful because they have attended with the utmost attention, they are a great resource for our project, hosting and organizing the course, the translations and the course materials in Dutch. I am also grateful to the Dutch Suzuki Association, who has always been paying attention to the CML that for Suzuki teachers and schools can be a great enrichment.

It makes me happy that also in some kindergarten and primary schools there are now CML teachers who perform musical activities with a well-defined project. I am proud of all this, I hope I can continue to make my contribution. I’m looking forward to go back to The Hague next October - Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th -, continuing the training course and meet other new teachers!

Marco Messina,

Suzuki Flute Teacher and Children’s Music Laboratory Teacher Trainer, Caserta, Italy

Some reactions from teachers

Now I give CML lessons to two different groups and are good lessons. I’m very happy with the children and their parents. I love to work this way with the children.

Dear Marco,
I enjoyed your demonstration very much. I Think your material Was very thorough and Worked out. I Found it inspirering that you actually was singing and dancing with us. It made the concept very clear. I Found it easy to "steal" your ideas and adjust it to my instruction with my youngest guitarpupils.

Dear Marco
When you where leaving I had the feeling to have came in contact with  somebody that is on the same level I think. I felt really very thankful and happy. Being in your lecture gave me a moment of happiness. As you felt too, I know. Great work.

Dear Marco,
I loved your session.
I only have one criticism and that is I wished there was more time! I would love to have more input. It all looks very well thought out and nicely paced and most of all, fun for children and adults alike.
Thank you very much!

Nearly half of the 4 to 6 years old children will choose to play an instrument after the summer holidays. This is completely new, in years before there were no children who would choose an instrument after following the course..

Dear Marco
Regarding the Children Music Laboratory it's amazing. I know that your session was too small to show all your work, but I realized that is good job, very well structured and with a musical goal from the first lesson, I like it very much!!

I use many things of the CML in my flute and piano lessons. It works very well in this lessons.

I think it is fantastic to give these lessons where the parents are present, and I like the many good reactions from the parents and children on my lessons.
It is an astonishing experience for the parents that they can make music together with their child, and that making music with your child is fun!

What can we offer?

CML Introduction 1
Lecture and some practical and fun activities with the participants.
Minimum duration: 2 hours

CML Introduction 2
Lecture and some practical and fun activities with the participants.
Session with practical lesson with groups of children.
Minimum duration: 4 hours

CML Workshop
You propose CML and its activities for a workshop.
Children from 3 to 8 years old will be involved with their parents in the activities CML.
Playing and learning to grow through music.
Duration: at least 2/3 days.

CML in your Workshop
You propose CML and its activities during your workshop.
Children from 3 to 8 years old will be involved with their parents in the activities CML.
Playing and learning that also combines the practical lessons of the musical instrument.
Duration: the days of your workshop

Teacher Training Course
Two levels of training
Duration: two years

Teacher Training Course
Musical Garden - Children’s Music Laboratory

The course is open to musicians and teachers interested in personally acquiring skills in teachings music at pre-school age.
The Training Course of Musical Garden CML in Italy is located in Asti, Rome and Caserta.
In other countries the Course can be carried out near Suzuki centres, schools and associations that consider organizing a Course of Musical Garden – Children’s Music Laboratory.
In Italy, the course for each level involves a total of six training weekends within a year or a year and half.
For courses not taking place in Italy, the teacher training course for each level involves a total of three training weekends within a year.
At the end of the course, each teacher will need to undertake an examination.
To qualify for examination participants of the Musical Garden – Children Music Laboratory training course, should attend all scheduled training stages.
The Training Course can be organized exclusively by teacher trainers authorized by the founders of the Musical Garden: prof. Elena Enrico and prof. Marco Messina.



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Die Einbeziehung von CML in den Suzuki 1 by Tanja Bachmann

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